761.93 Conference, 1930/55: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

1041. Legation’s 1023, December 2, noon.67a Following from Kuo Wen, Nanking, December 10th:

“Vice [The?] Minister of Foreign Affairs said that the Waichiaopu has wired Moh Teh-hui accepting his application for home leave so as to make a personal report to the Government on the Sino-Russian conference.

Wang added that when Moh left for Moscow last May the Government intended that the coming conference should only deal with the Chinese Eastern Railway. But since then the question of resuming diplomatic relations as well as commercial intercourse had been brought up for discussion. In order to obtain the views of the Government and also in view of the difficulty of telegraphic communications between China and Russia, Moh thought it necessary to return home.

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Wang further declared the two Chinese technical committees on resumption of trade and diplomatic relations will remain in China for some time. It was the original intention of the Government to despatch these committees to Russia to assist Moh at once.”

For the Minister:
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