724.3415/1019: Telegram

The Chargé in Uruguay (Gade) to the Acting Secretary of State

10. Department’s telegram number 11, March 6, 4 p.m. I have duly discussed Paraguayan suggestion to Sampognaro with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and informed him of the Department’s views thereon. He declared that in view of the words “with the consent of the Governments of Bolivia and of Paraguay” in article No. 5 of the conciliation agreement he did not consider that Uruguayan Government ever had such full liberty of action in carrying out the terms of the protocol. He believed that specific consent to the Uruguayan officers’ instructions was necessary from Bolivia and Paraguay. While displaying keen interest in the Department’s interpretation of article 5, he expressed doubt as to whether the two contending Governments and the neutrals’ tribunal unreservedly agree as to the scope of Uruguay’s authority and expressed regret that the protocol was not clearly defined.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs finally declared that he would propose to the Bolivian and Paraguayan representatives here that they make a declaration to the effect that they interpret article 5 of the conciliation agreement as permitting Uruguay to give the necessary instructions in the matter to its officers. If the Bolivian and Paraguayan Ministers accept this proposal, the Uruguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs will immediately instruct the officers to proceed to Boquerón and Vanguardia to assist in fulfilling the protocol according to the Uruguayan formula.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs promised to inform me of the results of his proposal.

Repeated to Asunción.