724.3415/982: Telegram

The Chargé in Uruguay (Gade) to the Acting Secretary of State

7. My telegram No. 6, January 25, 6 p.m.35 The Minister for Foreign Affairs today informed me that he has just received a letter from Paraguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs containing two formulas. One formula, which had already been rejected by both Uruguay and Bolivia, proposed that Boquerón be turned over to Paraguay before the completion of Vanguardia. This will not even be reconsidered. The other formula merely proposes that the Uruguayan Government appoint two army officers to proceed, with the consent of the Governments of Bolivia and of Paraguay, to Forts Vanguardia and Boquerón and to be present at the execution of the measures designed to restore the state of things which existed prior to December 5, 1928. As this is nothing more than a repetition of article 5 of the resolution of conciliation and completely ignores the whole dispute as to the manner of carrying out the protocol, the Uruguayan [Page 316] Minister of Foreign Affairs has telegraphed to the Paraguayan Minister of Foreign Affairs inquiring whether this is to mean that the Paraguayan Government consents to give the Uruguayan Government ample authority to carry out the terms of the protocol according to the Uruguayan formula. Sampognaro when in Asunción received some oral proposal to this effect, but the Uruguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs wishes a definite commitment in writing from the Paraguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs in order to prevent misunderstanding or possible later repudiation on the part of the Paraguayan Government.

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