724.3415/980a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Paraguay (Wheeler)


7. The following is for the consideration of the Minister. It is the desire of the Department that you familiarize yourself as soon as possible with the Bolivia–Paraguay situation in the Chaco. Please report action taken on telegrams No. 1, January 6, 5 p.m.,34 No. 4, January 27, 6 p.m.,35 and No. 5, January 30, 6 p.m., and whether in your opinion there is a likelihood that Paraguay will now accept the Uruguayan suggestion. While this suggestion of Uruguay to carry out the conciliation agreement of September 12, 1929 is not accepted by Paraguay, Bolivia advances that as a reason for not considering the note sent by the neutral Governments to Bolivia on January 936 with a view to bringing about a settlement of the basic question in dispute. It had been the hope of the Department that the Government of Paraguay would not feel that its objection to the Uruguayan proposal was of sufficient importance to allow it possibly to jeopardize a settlement of the Chaco question.

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  2. Not printed.
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