500.A15a3/711: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan ( Castle ) to the Acting Secretary of State


34. Please repeat to London.44 Report in press. It is stated in Neigo that Stimson and MacDonald will propose that the Conference resolve itself into one of three powers should the French not agree to reduce demands. I questioned Shidehara whether Japan would, if this report is true, agree to this. Favorable consideration, he said, would certainly be given to the idea and he asked whether I believed a conference of three powers would be successful. My reply was that it seemed far more hopeful than at Geneva,45 since the British cruiser demands were reduced, to which he was in agreement. The presence of Sarraut,46 he believed, will make it almost impossible for the French to agree.

  1. Transmitted to the American delegation as Department’s telegram No. 140, February 25, 9 a.m.
  2. Three-Power Conference, June 20–August 4, 1927, Foreign Relations, 1927, vol. i, pp. 1 ff.
  3. Albert Sarraut, Minister of Marine in the French Ministry formed on February 21, 1930.