504.418A2/212: Telegram

The Minister in the Netherlands (Diekema) to the Acting Secretary of State

37. [From Miller.] Conference No. 5. After one week of the daily meetings of each of the three committees I think the result to date may be generally summarized as follows: The progress made has been very limited and slow as the discussions have been confined to a few principles in each committee. In territorial waters, unless the three Magyar [three-mile?] states admit an exception for such countries as Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Portugal, any agreement seems remote. In responsibility of states, any general agreement if reached would be of very small scope. In nationality, I see almost no chance of an agreement. Our policy for the right of expatriation is opposed by a majority and I cannot now see any compromise form of formula which we could accept in view of the act of 1868.1 Furthermore the vital difference in this subject between France and Italy is one of real political importance which cannot be met in a general convention. The foregoing were my views prior to a talk I had last evening with Giannini, chief Italian delegate, and are confirmed by that interview. There will be a strong effort made this week to speed up work of Conference and there is great pressure to end by April 12 and no earlier date seems now possible. Miller.

  1. 15 Stat. 223.