504.418A2/159: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Wilson)

16. Your despatch 1139, October 17.98 Please address a communication to Sir Eric Drummond as follows:

“With reference to your letter of October 15, 1929, to the Secretary of State, I am instructed by the Acting Secretary of State to inform you that my Government is sending a delegation to the Codification Conference composed of five plenipotentiary delegates as follows: Mr. David Hunter Miller, Mr. Green H. Hackworth, Mr. Theodore G. Risley, Mr. Richard W. Flournoy, junior, and Mrs. Ruth B. Shipley, accompanied by five technical advisers as follows: Mr. Jesse S. Reeves, Mr. Edwin M. Borchard, Mr. Manley O. Hudson, Mr. S. W. Boggs and Miss Emma Wold.”

  1. Not printed; see footnote 92, p. 204.