The Secretary of State to the Spanish Ambassador ( Padilla )

Excellency: Reference is made to this Government’s note of August 24, 1927, to the Chargé d’Affaires ad interim of Spain concerning an arrangement for the informal consideration of claims of the United States against Spain and Spanish claims against this Government.

As no reply to this communication has been received this Government is uncertain as to the acquiescence of the Spanish Government in the suggestions made therein. As previously indicated this Government is desirous of settling all outstanding claims between the two Governments and is willing to submit for consideration by the Spanish Government a list of claims in which it feels that satisfaction should be made. Before proceeding to the preparation of such list, however, it desires to be informed whether the arrangement proposed in its note of August 24, 1927, is concurred in by the Spanish Government and whether that Government will submit a list of its claims to this Government for use in carrying out the purposes of the proposed arrangement.

It is understood that the claims referred to are distinct from those of American citizens and proteges which have arisen in that part of Morocco commonly known as the Spanish Zone and which were made the subject of a special arrangement through my predecessor’s note of November 7, 1927,32a and Your Excellency’s note of February 1 [11], 1928,32b in reply thereto.

Accept [etc.]

Henry L. Stimson