The Secretary of State to the Spanish Chargé (De Amoedo)

Sir: The Ambassador’s note of July 26, 1927,32 with further reference to the claim of the heirs of Señor Manuel Arias Brios, and to the suggestions made in my note of May 31, last,32 relative to the desirability of an informal consideration of such claims as either Government may now desire to bring to the attention of the other, was duly received and has had consideration.

With respect to His Excellency’s request for a statement of the precise steps contemplated for the consideration of such claims, it is suggested (1) that each Government should submit to the other on or before a specified date in the near future, a list of the claims which each desires to urge for the consideration and allowance of the other, together with a brief statement of the facts. This Government would suggest that such lists should be exchanged by January 1, 1928. (2) Subsequently, at the expiration of an agreed period of time, say [Page 797] three months, required for the examination of the claims presented, the two Governments should designate representatives, one each, to confer together in an effort to decide upon the merits of the claims, and, if possible to concur in conclusions as to the appropriate disposition to be made of each of the claims presented. (3) The claims which the representatives agree should be paid shall be referred by them to the respective Governments with their recommendations. (4) Cases in which the representatives do not agree or in which the recommendations of the representatives are not accepted by the two Governments might be disposed of by such further agreement as might at the time seem expedient.

Accept [etc.]

Frank B. Kellogg
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