817.00/6233a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua ( Eberhardt )


35. Practically no information has been received recently from the Navy Department with respect to the military situation in Nicaragua. The Department desires, therefore, that you should report all developments of importance and that you should send from time to time general reports describing the military situation. Any such report when marked strictly confidential will be regarded as for the confidential information of the Department of State only.

Especially would the Department like to have an early mail report on the operations of the volunteer forces which were organized in January and to know the details regarding the capture and execution of Jiron. The Department has been somewhat concerned to learn from the press that a leader of the type of Escamilla is in charge of a patrol [Page 552] and is ordering executions. The Department would be pleased to receive your personal and confidential views on this matter.