411.12/938: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Morrow) to the Secretary of State

302. Department’s 426, July 29, 5 p.m. We conferred with Minister of Foreign Affairs on July 31 with reference to the proposal made by the Under Secretary to the Mexican Ambassador. The Minister for Foreign Affairs advised us that he had received word by telephone from Ambassador Tellez and was suggesting to him:

That the Mexican Government saw no objection to the extension of the special claims convention, and
That his view was that they could not extend the general claims convention including paragraph 9 upon a simple understanding of the State Department to make the request of the Senate set out in your telegram. He stated however that he thought they could renew the agreement upon an exchange of letters or a protocol covering an interpretation or explanation of article 9. He told me that he would make a draft of such an interpretation and let us have it as soon as possible. We inquired of Foreign Office yesterday if the Minister had prepared this draft and were informed he had not done so. We hope however to receive it on Monday.