033.4111 MacDonald, Ramsay/57: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Dawes) to the Secretary of State

286. The Prime Minister and his party sailed this morning on the steamship Berengaria. The national importance with which his visit is regarded may be judged from the fact that not only did Mr. Baldwin, in his capacity as leader of the opposition, visit the Prime Minister just previous to his departure, but also the King made the public gesture of a telegram wishing Godspeed, the text of which I quote [Page 3] herewith as of possible use to the Department during Mr. MacDonald’s visit to Washington:

“To the Prime Minister: On the eve of your journey I wish you Godspeed. It is a departure that will be surrounded with good wishes for it is a contribution to those happy relations between two great peoples which must be an article of faith among all men of good will, George R. I.”

I am not telegraphing the Prime Minister’s parting statement to the press as I have ascertained complete text has been cabled by various American news agencies.

Mr. Snowden will be the Prime Minister’s deputy during MacDonald’s absence.