838.00/2627: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the High Commissioner in Haiti ( Russell )

67. Your December 6, 8 p.m. states that in view of the then conditions and the placing of the Galveston at your disposal you felt that an increase in strength of brigade was not necessary for the present. The Department realizes of course that the situation was changed by the events at Aux Cayes reported in your telegram of December sixth, midnight, but in view of your statement in your telegram of December eighth, 5 p.m. that all is quiet throughout Haiti, I desire to inquire whether you feel it necessary to have the additional Marines, especially as you say that with the exception of one hundred to be sent to Cape Haitien the rest will be maintained at their old camping ground outside Port au Prince.

The President feels that it would immensely help the situation so far as public opinion in this country is concerned if the Marines now on the Wright could be diverted before arriving at Port au Prince on the ground that this reinforcement is no longer necessary. Even if this is not possible it would be of great help if they should not be landed. This would not only diminish criticism here but would reflect credit on the efficacy of the steps you have already taken. Please cable immediately, first, whether the orders for the Marines to go to Haiti can be countermanded, and second, whether in case this can not be done, present conditions have not sufficiently improved so that only a portion of the Marines may be disembarked and the remainder sent on to Guantanamo.