714.1515/657: Telegram

The Minister in Costa Rica (Davis) to the Secretary of State

27. Referring to Minister Summerlin’s telegram of April 29, noon. The Costa Rican Minister for Foreign Affairs on May 5th voluntarily sent the following telegram to the Honduran Minister for Foreign Affairs:

“The Government of Costa Rica has learned with profound displeasure of a telegram sent from Costa Rica to Tegucigalpa by Senor Angel Zuniga Huete and published in the newspapers of that capital, in which statements absolutely at variance with the truth are made with regard to the personality of His Excellency, Mr. Roy Tasco Davis, Minister of the United States in Costa Rica, and I consider it my duty to deny them in order that the silence of my Government in this respect could in no way be interpreted by Your Excellency’s most illustrious Government as a mute confirmation of the assertion of Senor Zuniga Huete. I wish to inform Your Excellency that my Government has had pending the resolution of matters of vital importance with the United Fruit Company and never has Mr. Davis [Page 81]approached the President of the Republic or me in order to make suggestions or efforts of any kind in connection with such matters. During the six years that Mr. Davis has been Minister in Costa Rica the Government and people have been able to appreciate his brilliant intellect and his gentlemanliness, his discretion and proper demeanor as a diplomat, and his earnest desire that the relations between the United States and Costa Rica should each day become closer upon a basis of justice and mutual respect.

The fear that an erroneous opinion of the personality of the mediator in the boundary controversy between Honduras and Guatemala might disturb the development of the conciliatory purpose which today animates these two sister republics and the desire to do honor to justice and to truth have impelled me to send Your Excellency this telegram.”

Repeated to Honduras and Guatemala.