815.00/4325: Telegram

The Chargé in Honduras (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

146. Public anxiety and apprehension of trouble has increased greatly in last few days due largely to uncertainty action Congress will take on election of Mejía Colindres. Situation further aggravated by fantastic and exaggerated rumors of impending trouble circulated by irresponsible individuals including some deputies of the National Party. President Paz believes a statement at this time from the Legation acting under instructions from the Department would have a highly beneficial effect in calming popular anxiety and checking any possible subversive movement which may be in preparation; and he has requested me to telegraph the following suggested statement to the Department for its consideration:

“The United States Government is following the development of the present political situation with the greatest interest and it would view with deep concern any alteration of public peace provoked by any combination whatever tending to upset the result of the popular election as held in October and it is earnestly hoped that the problem may receive definite solution in the greatest harmony and fraternity of the Honduranean people.”

This or some similar statement from the Department during the present week would undoubtedly be helpful particularly as a check on any possible subversive move in the Congress.