The High Commissioner in Haiti (Russell), Temporarily in the United States, to the Assistant to the Solicitor for the Department of State (Baker)

Mr. Baker: In carrying out my mission in Haiti I have been always made to feel that the British Government desired to assist the United States in the rehabilitation of Haiti and the carrying out of the provisions of the Treaty of 1915.7

I furthermore believe that the one obstacle that prevented the payment of the three British claims has been our contention that many other claims would be opened by the French or other interested nations. This obstacle having been removed, I do not see how we can longer object.

I therefore recommend

That the British Embassy in Washington confirm the oral statement of the British Chargé d’Affaires at Port au Prince;
That the British Government reopen the question of these claims with the Haitian Foreign Office;
That the High Commissioner at Port au Prince be instructed by the Department to urge the Haitian Government to give to these claims earnest consideration, and to notify that Government that if the Haitian Government found payments justified, the United States Government would not object.

John H. Russell