The Secretary of State to the Minister in Greece (Skinner)

No. 169

Sir: The Department has received numerous inquiries from American citizens claiming an interest by inheritance in property confiscated by Turkey under the Convention concerning the Exchange of Greek and Turkish Populations, signed at Lausanne on January 30, 1923. As the Legation will recall, the Convention provides that the Greek [Page 50] Government shall grant compensation to the interested parties for such property.

Before replying to these inquiries the Department desires to ascertain the position of the Greek Government with reference to these American claimants. Although it may be argued that the benefits of a Convention between Turkey and Greece will not inure to American citizens, nevertheless the equities of the situation seem to warrant due consideration of these claims by the Greek Government.

It is therefore desired that you make appropriate inquiry of the competent authorities and that you prepare for the Department a report outlining the procedure to be followed by the claimants in the event the Greek Government is disposed to consider these cases.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Nelson Trusler Johnson