856d.6363/534: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in the Netherlands (Tobin)


24. Referring to your 25, June 4, 3 p.m.15

The Department is gratified by your statement in your despatch No. 1517, May 14, page 2, that the Netherlands Colonial Department is in agreement with American contentions (set forth in your March 5 memorandum) and understands that the remaining questions now relate only (a) to interpreting “a footing equivalent to that accorded to Dutch interests” and (b) as to whether American corporations controlled by Dutch could, on the Netherlands being declared a reciprocating country, acquire leases on United States public lands. The questions brought to attention by the Netherlands Minister here are understood not to be considered by the Netherlands Foreign Office to interfere with an understanding being reached.
Regarding the above point (a), the United States Government, you may state, does not consider “equivalent” to mean “identical” and would not insist on “concessions hectare for hectare with the Dutch.” This Government’s present interest lies rather in establishing [Page 396]a broad basis of reciprocity which both Governments would, it is assumed, apply in good faith.
Regarding point (b), you may orally make the statement which was authorized in the Department’s 17, May 21, paragraph 3, and clearly point out the necessity, of course, in each specific case of having Dutch control satisfactorily shown to the competent officials through the submission of a statement covering stock ownership and organization of the affected American companies.
The Department has received informal advices that Colonel Donovan’s Paris visit concerning the quinine matter has had satisfactory results.16
  1. Not printed.
  2. Col. William J. Donovan, Assistant to the Attorney General, visited Paris and conferred with representatives of the quinine interests regarding alleged violations of American laws by their agents in the United States.