856d.6363/531: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in the Netherlands (Tobin)


17. (1) Your telegram 20, May 14, 5 p.m., reveals that the Netherlands officials may have overlooked the fact that the United States Government’s interest in this situation, instead of being limited to a particular concession being granted, is rather directed toward an appropriate understanding being reached whereby the nationals of each country are granted by the Government of the other reciprocal access in regard to mineral resources.

(2) In the memorandum telegraphed by the Department on March 2 (No. 8, 4 p.m.), the United States Government went more than half way to make such an understanding possible. The Department consequently feels that, in so far as making the inquiry reported by your telegram 20, May 14, 5 p.m., is concerned, the Government of the Netherlands should be ready to indicate appropriately its definite decision to meet the views of the United States Government given in the memorandum mentioned above. The Department wishes a definite indication of the Netherlands Government’s view in this matter before a request for any other assurances is considered. The appropriate officials may be orally informed by you accordingly, and you may state that the United States Government, after receiving more definite information concerning the Netherlands Government’s position in this matter, will be willing further to consider the inquiry contained in your telegram 20. If you believe it to be helpful, you may state also that you would be ready to transmit to the Department a tentative statement of the Netherlands Government’s position regarding the points to be found in the latter part of the Department’s March 2 memorandum (telegram 8), in order that this Government may consider it.

(3) An oral expression of your belief may be given by you to the effect that, if the Government of the Netherlands meets the United States Government’s views, as set forth in the memorandum already mentioned, the competent American officials will be disposed to examine in the friendliest spirit the means which would facilitate access for American companies controlled by Dutch interests to United States public mineral lands.