452.11/202: Telegram

The Diplomatic Agent and Consul General at Tangier (Blake) to the Secretary of State

5. Department’s 8, June 14, 6 p.m.11 The initial examination of claims has been concluded by delegated interpreters who have reached agreement ad referendum on all points. Barring unforeseen difficulties ratification by my Spanish colleague and myself ought to be signed within two weeks.

An extremely important project for the execution of public works in the Spanish zone is pending, as reported in Madrid Embassy’s weekly report number 909 of May 21st last.11 Although recognition of the Spanish zona in no circumstances should take place before the actual settlement of claims, no effort should be lost to expedite this conclusion since the establishment of normal relations will greatly facilitate possibilities for American participation in projected public work contracts in the Spanish zone. Ambassador Hammond has expressed to me the opinion that if he is in possession of all facts and findings in connection with our claims, he may be able to expedite final settlement by direct contact with Primo de Rivera without whose decision delay may be indefinite. I suggest it would be advantageous for the Department to instruct me to proceed to Madrid as soon as a joint report of the claims has been signed by my Spanish [Page 349]colleague and myself for the purpose of supplying the Ambassador with all necessary information and elucidation of the claims in order that he may be adequately supported in his representations to the Spanish Prime Minister. This would not entail an absence from Tangier on my part of more than week or ten days.

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