The Secretary of State to the Spanish Ambassador (Padilla)

Excellency: I have the honor to refer to my note to you of November 7, 1927,3 with further reference to the official recognition on the part of this Government of the Spanish Protectorate in that part of Morocco commonly known as the Spanish Zone, and I take pleasure in enclosing for your information a list of the American nationals or ressortissants who have suffered losses in the Spanish Zone of Morocco attributable to the action or failure to act on the part of the Spanish authorities.

It should be noted that the detailed information of the claims, together with all the evidence with respect thereto, is in the files of the American Diplomatic Agency at Tangier and it is therefore impossible for me to give more than a list of names and where possible, the amount of the claim and a bare outline of the circumstances out of which the claim arose.

While the list of claims hereto annexed includes all of those which have been found in the records of the Diplomatic Agency at Tangiers, it is possible that some claims, of lesser importance perhaps, may have been overlooked owing to the various changes in the incumbency and personnel of that office during recent years and these may be brought to light at a later date. It is, therefore, suggested that the delegates of the two Governments should be authorized to consider, and pass upon any small legitimate claims omitted from the present list as a result of oversight or such other claims as may have arisen in the interval. If it were deemed necessary by either of these delegates any particular claim so introduced in addition to those appear [Page 345]in the present résumé could be previously submitted to their respective Governments for consideration.

I may add that I am confident that in view of the relatively small amount involved and the relatively few claims to be considered, an adjustment satisfactory to both of our Governments may be readily arranged.

Accept [etc.]

Frank B. Kellogg

List of Claims

Name Amount Nature of claim
David S. Bergel; 40,000 pesetas (Sp.); Detention for several months of motor vehicles by military and judicial authorities at Ain Djedite.
Joseph Simeon Cohen;3a Actual taxes paid; Taxes on alcohol and beverages imported into Larache; taxes not consented to by American Government.
Rahamim Mouyal; Actual taxes paid; Taxes on alcohol and alcoholic beverages, gate tax and consumption taxes; taxes not consented to by American government.
Drees El-Kittany; Undetermined Taking of 2,000 acres of land by Spanish Government.
Thamy Slawee; Undetermined Destruction of orchard.
Thamy Slawee; Undetermined Violation of domicile and taking of fire arms, which, in his case, were not returned as they were returned in cases involving French protégés.
Thamy Slawee; Undetermined Theft of fifteen head of cattle from farm “M’risa”.
El-Hasson Ben Hamed Raisuly; Apparently undetermined. For ill-treatment; kidnapping and imprisonment suffered at the hands of his relative, the Brigand Raisuly, who was at that time Administrative and Military Collaborator of the Spanish Residency-General.
El-Hasson Ben Hamed Raisuly; Undetermined Ravaging of certain farms and property. Several other claims of lesser importance.
Hamed Oknin; Undetermined Damage to property effected by the Spanish.
[Page 346]Harried Oknin; 2,630 pesetas hassani; Assault of his caravan and robbery of goods near military camp of R’gaia, witnessed by Spanish soldiers from their camp without action on their part.
Singer Sewing Machine Company 6,422.59 pesetas (Sp) Loss of sewing machines through looting, leased to various persons.

Other small claims either overlooked or arising later as referred to in the accompanying note.

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  2. This is evidently the firm of Simeon & Joseph Cohen of Larache.