711.60 M 12A/5

The Lithuanian Chargé (Bagdonas) to the Secretary of State

No. 723

Sir: Referring to your note dated April 5, 1928,1 regarding the proposed treaties of arbitration and conciliation to be concluded between the United States and Lithuania, I have the honor to inform you that I am in receipt of a communication from my government stating that the government of Lithuania has accepted with great satisfaction your proposal to sign the above mentioned treaties.

I have been instructed by my government to inform you also that the treaties of arbitration and conciliation will be signed by the new Minister of Lithuania to the United States, who will be appointed in the near future and who is expected to arrive in Washington in October of this year.

Please accept [etc.]

Mikas Bagdonas
  1. Not printed; it was the same, mutatis mutandis, as note of Apr. 9, 1928, to the Finnish Minister, vol. ii, p. 804.