882.74/48: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Liberia (Francis)

18. Your 20, July 25, 2 p.m. There is a seeming inconsistency between President King’s statement to you that he could not grant Firestone a right to operate an independent public radio station in Liberia in view of the Liberian Government’s policy of maintaining a monopoly of commercial radio business and that he hoped that the Federal Radio Commission would issue general commercial radio licenses to both Firestone and the Radio Corporation, as against the [Page 269] statement which Firestone says President King gave to Hines to the effect that he was willing to grant Firestone a public utility license but desired the establishment of an additional channel of radio communication between Liberia and the United States (which would presumably be through the Radio Corporation or through a foreign company.)

The Department will, of course, be glad to communicate President King’s views to the Radio Commission but feels that a clearer statement as to the nature and extent of the license he is willing to grant Firestone, as well as a further clarification of the Liberian Government’s policy as regards general commercial radio business in Liberia, would materially assist this Government’s consideration of the matter of issuing general commercial licenses in this country for communication with Liberia.

Please ask Hines for a verification of President King’s reported statement to him and then discuss the foregoing with the President and reply by cable.