882.74/48: Telegram

The Minister in Liberia (Francis) to the Secretary of State


20. President King states that it is extremely desirable that the American end of the Government’s trans-Atlantic radio circuit be in the hands of a radio company of the broadest possible experience with facilities for international radio communication. It is his belief that refusal of a license to the Radio Corporation of America would bring about a practical impasse, because the Liberian Government cannot consistently give Firestone the right to operate an independent public radio station in that country, since the policy of the Government is to maintain a monopoly of the commercial radio business of Liberia, and such refusal would compel his Government, even though reluctantly, to attempt to establish foreign radio connections elsewhere than in the United States. He requests me to say that the Liberian Government would greatly appreciate your good offices in facilitating the issuance of the necessary licenses to both the Radio Corporation and Firestone. The President expects [Page 268] me to inform him of the attitude of the Department of State on his request for good offices.