868.51 War Credits/500: Telegram

The Chairman of the Refugee Settlement Commission (Eddy) to President Coolidge11

Desire support strongly cablegram of American Minister to State Department regarding ratification [of] agreement [between] United States and Greece relating [to] war debts.12 In view [of] Corinth [earthquake] disaster, hope way may be found for speedy ratification. Proceeds [of] American loan needed at early date by Refugee Settlement Commission for settlement [of] refugees. Delay will cause serious interruption [of] refugee settlement work.13

Charles B. Eddy
  1. Date of receipt by the Department of this telegram appears to have been May 1, 1928.
  2. Cablegram dated April 23, 1928; not printed.
  3. In a telegram dated April 30, 1928, to President Coolidge, Henry Morgenthau and Charles P. Howland, two former chairmen of the Greek Refugee Settlement Commission, supported the appeal of Mr. Eddy (file No. 868.51 War Credits/501).