711.60p2/20: Telegram

The Minister in Latvia ( Coleman ) to the Secretary of State

17. Your 7, February 24, 5 p.m. Following article 16 is submitted by Latvian Government for the approval of the Department:

“As an exception from the general undertaking given by the High Contracting Parties to accord mutually the most-favored-nation treatment, it is understood the stipulations of this treaty shall not extend: (a) To the treatment which either contracting party shall accord to purely border traffic within a zone not exceeding ten miles (15 kilometers) wide on either side of its customs frontier; (b) to the special privileges resulting from an economic or customs union; (c) (here is Cuba and Panama exception in text of Department); (d) to the customs preferences or other facilities of whatever nature which are or may be granted by Latvia in favor of Esthonia, Finland, Lithuania or the United States [sic] S. R.”

See my despatch No. 3561, February 2, 1926.25 It is possible that Latvian Government might be willing to substitute the word “Russia” for “United States [sic] S. R.” if the Department insists.

  1. Not printed.