868.51 War Credits/495a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Greece (Skinner)


19. The Department has been informed by the Greek Minister that his Government is worried about the delay of Congress in acting upon the proposed American-Greek debt settlement and fears this may be due to some change of attitude on the part of the Executive branch of the United States Government toward the agreement. He was informed categorically that there has not been any change of attitude, the domestic political situation being solely responsible for the delay of Congress in acting on the settlement.

The above should be brought informally and orally to the attention of the Greek Minister for Foreign Affairs by you, and it should be made clear to him that there is a distinct division of powers, under [Page 11]the American governmental system, between the Government’s Executive and Legislative branches.

The Department was informed by the Greek Minister of his Government’s decision to award to the Macris (British) Group the contract for road construction. One of the American bidders will, it seems, be awarded the contract for drainage of the Struma Valley.10

A half interest in the financing of the Macris contract is held by Speyer and Company, the Department understands from the latter.

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