Memorandum by Mr. Stephen Latchford, of the Treaty Division, of Conversations With the Counselor of the Japanese Embassy (Sawada) on May 26 and 28, 1928

On May 25, Mr. Castle was requested to inform the Treaty Division whether the Secretary saw any objection to the exchange of interpretive memoranda with the Japanese Ambassador in connection with the signing of the Treaty. Mr. Castle replied that the Secretary had no objection to an exchange of notes, and Mr. Sawada was so informed by Mr. Barnes on May 25.

On May 26, Mr. Sawada called at the Treaty Division and stated that the Japanese Embassy had received a telegram from Tokyo authorizing it to agree to Article VI as originally drafted. He presented drafts of notes to accompany the interpretive memoranda and discussed these drafts as well as the preliminary draft of the interpretive memoranda drawn up while he was at the Treaty Division on May 24. As a result of the discussion some modifications in the draft notes and memoranda were agreed upon. Mr. Sawada stated that it would be necessary to ascertain whether the revised [Page 131]memoranda would be acceptable to his Government, and promised to make known his Government’s decision on May 28.

May 28, 1928.

Mr. Sawada called at the Treaty Division to state that the interpretive memoranda, as agreed upon during his conference on May 26, were acceptable to his Government, and that it was desired to have the Japanese Ambassador sign the treaty on May 31, 1928.

S. L[atchford]