868.51 War Credits/492a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Greece (Skinner)


13. On February 15 the House Committee on Ways and Means held hearings on the plan for settlement of the Greek debt.

It is not possible to forecast the action of the House, although a favorable report by the Committee seems probable. Therefore, you should avoid with particular care the giving to the Greek authorities of any impression of undue optimism; and you may discreetly even make reference, occasionally and appropriately, to the sentiment existing in Congress in opposition to the proposed debt settlement plan. It is not possible, you may add, to determine the strength now of this sentiment. You may emphasize, discreetly, the benefits already accruing to Greece from the December 5, 1927, timely announcement of the terms of the U. S.-Greek debt settlement and from the January 28, 1928, lifting of the ban on financing in the American market for Greece.