The Secretary of State to the Minister in Ethiopia (Southard)

No. 30

Sir: With reference to the Department’s instruction No. 26 of November 5, 1928, concerning the desire of the Ethiopian Government to engage two army officers to serve as military instructors in the Ethiopian Army, there are enclosed for your information a copy of a letter which it is understood Mr. Sydney Forrester Mashbir has addressed to His Majesty King Tafari Makonnen,21 regarding this subject and a transcript of his record with the War Department. It is understood that Mr. Mashbir is now a Major in the Reserve of the United States Army and that since September 25, 1928, he has been eligible for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel in the Reserve. In case an arrangement is concluded between the Ethiopian Government and Mr. Mashbir, the Department understands that he proposes to resign his commission in the Reserve Corps of the Army.

Mr. Mashbir has been informed that if he concludes an arrangement with the Ethiopian Government for service in its Army, he does so as a private citizen and the Department, merely for its information, takes note of the fact that such an arrangement exists.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Nelson Trusler Johnson
  1. Not printed.