The Secretary of State to the Consul at Alexandria (Geist)

Sir: Under date of July 31, 1928, the Department instructed the American Legation at Cairo to nominate you as the representative of the Government of the United States on the International Quarantine Board at Alexandria. It is understood that a copy of the Department’s instruction under reference, together with copies of its enclosures, has been forwarded to you by the Legation. In one of these enclosures the United States Public Health Service offered to send a Public Health surgeon experienced in quarantine matters to furnish you with technical advice. The Department has now received and encloses a copy of a letter dated October 17, 1928, from the Treasury Department32 stating that Doctor Taliaferro Clark, Senior Surgeon in the Public Health Service, stationed in Paris, will visit Egypt in the month of November and that he will be instructed to call on you at the time of his visit.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Nelson Trusler Johnson
  1. Not printed.