660f.116Auto/32: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Czechoslovakia (Gittings)

44. Your despatch 1627, August 28.51 Unless you perceive objection, you are instructed to address the following note to the Czechoslovak Government:52

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

[Paraphrase.] Ground for the request in your note dated July 17 to the Czechoslovak Foreign Office53 that the American automobile quota should be based on domestic production is not perceived by the Department. Discontinuance of representations on that basis is desired. You are referred to instruction No. 502, January 12.

In discussions with Czechoslovak officials, should you deem it advisable or necessary to name a figure regarded by the United States as satisfactory for the next contingent year’s quota, you may use your own judgment, formed from trade estimates of the prospective demand during the coming years of consumers in Czechoslovakia for American automobiles. Officials of the Department of Commerce have suggested tentatively the figure of 4,000 for the contingent year 1928–29, but this figure is given you merely for your consideration as a basis. Cable promptly the figure which you present and the Czechoslovak Government’s offer in return prior to making any indication of acceptance. It is considered more important now that the request for enough licenses on this year’s automobile contingent be complied with, so that the accumulation of cars which have arrived already at the customs or are arriving may be cleared up. [End paraphrase.]

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