660f.116Auto/27: Telegram

The Minister in Czechoslovakia (Einstein) to the Secretary of State

67. Your 39, August 14, 7 p.m. Note from Foreign Office with trade statistics reiterates contention that Czechoslovakia although obliged to grant only contingent equal to treaty provisions has exceeded this by issuing 1300 licenses this year. It states that the workers organizations fear the consequences of removing restriction on imports particularly as metal industries have been affected by foreign customs barriers and the skilled labor from these finds employment in motors. Protection is compared to the emigration quota in America. Further arguments are presented showing the balance of trade favors the United States and mention is made of prohibition as preventing various Czechoslovak exports. To show its good will, the importation of one hundred and eighty cars is authorized credited against next year’s contingent. Copy of note forwarded by next pouch.50

[Paraphrase.] As I have already emphasized the points given in Department’s 39 and made vigorous representations, for the present I am of opinion that nothing further can be accomplished through ordinary argument, though American automobiles may be imported still in dribblets. Any increased admission of American motors must depend on steps being taken in Washington. [End paraphrase.]

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