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The Minister in Czechoslovakia (Einstein) to the Secretary of State

No. 1501

Sir: With further reference to my several despatches Nos. 1434 of December 12, 1927, and 1491 of February 21, 1928,37 regarding the restriction in the importation of our cars, I have the honor to report that in a talk I had with the Minister of Commerce Dr. Peroutka, I took occasion to congratulate him on the resolute stand Czechoslovakia was making in its tariff negotiations with Poland by demanding the total abolition of the contingent system. (In the impending negotiations with France for a new commercial treaty, which are soon to begin in Paris, the French are likewise making the same demand from the Czechs, although they may be satisfied with a higher contingent which will carry out the present needs of their export trade.)

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In the course of our talk, Dr. Peroutka told me that he was granting license importations for 500 additional American cars. I thanked him for this as an auspicious beginning but remarked that it would be far from exhausting our requirements. He told me that he was meeting with the strongest opposition from the manufacturers but intimated that later he might be able to grant us more.

I have [etc.]

Lewis Einstein
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