493.11/1333: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in China (MacMurray)

190. Your 453, June 11, 11 p.m.

Department does not appear to have received from you receipts for payments to Chinese authorities under either indemnity heading since August 1927 but assumes that receipts have been taken from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and China Foundation respectively. Your comments are requested.
Department apprehends that the withholding of the remissions authorized in 1908 will immediately involve Tsing Hua College and the Educational Mission in the United States in financial difficulties.
The Department interprets the Joint Resolution of Congress approved May 25, 1908,14 as authorizing the President to withhold [Page 539] the monthly payments of the indemnity remitted thereunder in the manner you suggest. Presumably a permanent arrangement for payments under the 1908 remission should have the approval of the Chinese Government when formed. The Department desires your recommendation in regard to an interim procedure and suggests tentatively the possibility of constituting the China Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Culture the administrator of these funds.