893.00 Nanking/25: Telegram

The Minister in China ( MacMurray ) to the Secretary of State

319. Following from Davis who is now at Nanking on board destroyer John D. Ford.

“April 1st. Have ascertained practically all unburned mission buildings are now used as barracks. Standard Oil and Texas offices reported as yet unmolested. American flag still flying at former two installations. Liggett and Myers office and godown reported cleaned out.

So far, no soldiers punished and authorities maintaining fiction that outrages were by local rowdies. Looters executed. Soldiers treated people well even on 24th, showing foreigners were deliberately singled out for outrages.

Nationalists reported some four hundred wealthier Chinese whom they plan seizing as soon as pretexts can be worked up. One mission teacher’s house already confiscated.

City more quiet but great administrative confusion.”