The Colombian Minister ( Olaya ) to the Secretary of State

No. 1360

Sir: By a cable of this date my Government informs me that it has learned through its Legation in Lima that the boundary treaty signed on March 24, 1922, by Colombia and Peru, has been approved without amendment by the Congress of the last-named Republic.

On this occasion it is now my honor and pleasure to present to Your Excellency the testimony of the high and sincere appreciation of my Government for the good offices for the settlement of the boundary disputes between Colombia, Peru, and Brazil, which were tendered in such a lofty spirit for the good of the Continent by the Government of the United States and were consecrated in the procèss-verbal signed in the city of Washington on March 4, 1925. From that date the said good offices were always found in Your Excellency, an enlightened exponent who has labored for peace and harmony between the Republics concerned in this question with high views and for which they owe to Your Excellency their sincere gratitude.

I avail myself [etc.]

Enrique Olaya
  1. File translation revised.