550.48 B 1/45: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Gibson) to the Secretary of State

104. Department’s telegram number 72, May 17, 4 p.m. Decision whether eventual slavery conference is to be strictly a League affair or [Page 249] an autonomous conference including nonmember states will probably be made by Council at June 7 meeting. I learn most informally that Drummond is in real quandary as to interpretation to be placed on final sentence of Department’s 72. As indicated in Winslow’s despatch number 856, May 10, 1926,51 Council’s decision as to nature of conference will probably depend largely on whether United States would be disposed to attend autonomous conference if invited. I understand that the League is most anxious to avoid embarrassment of inviting United States to conference if invitation is likely to be refused. While I realize that Department may not be able to give definite answer to this question in advance, I believe that you should be advised of existing situation in case you should wish me to express to Drummond prior to Council meeting June 7 any opinion as to the probable attitude of the United States Government if it should be invited by the League to attend an international conference to consider draft slavery convention.

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