The Secretary of the Navy (Wilbur) to the Secretary of State


Sir: The Navy Department is in receipt of a despatch from the Commander-in-Chief, Asiatic Fleet, in which it is stated that on June 1st, 1925, consular representatives at an international conference at Shanghai had requested an international naval force sufficient to land 2,000 men. The disposition of United States naval forces was given as follows:

There had been landed on June 2nd 200 men and on June 4th 40 men from the destroyers Truxton, Pope, and Pillsbury and from the El Cano and Penguin.

On June 5th there was due to arrive at Shanghai the destroyers Hart and Stewart, transporting the Flagship Huron’s marines and there was also due in the Isabel the Commander of the Yangtze Patrol, Rear Admiral Chas. B. McVay, Jr.

On June 8th the Jason is due transporting 125 marines and the Gunboat Sacramento is due on the same date.

On June 3rd other war ships in port were three British, three French, one Japanese, and one Italian.


Curtis D. Wilbur