The Minister in Albania (Hart) to the Secretary of State

No. 44

Sir: Engagements made by the Albanian state as the conditions upon which recognition was granted by the American Government [Page 513]on July 28, 1922,28 have at last been removed from the field of controversy, as I had the honor to report in my telegram No. 63 of December 14, 8 p.m.29 By a unanimous vote both houses of parliament have approved these conventions in substantially the form set forth in the note of Djafer Ypi, president of the Council of Ministers, to Maxwell Blake, American Commissioner, under date of June 25, 1922.

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Included herewith are copies of the measure as approved and of the report of the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

I have [etc.]

Chas. C. Hart
[Enclosure 1—Translation]

Proposed Law Approving the American-Albanian Agreement of June 23 and 25, 1922

The approval is proposed of the two conditions presented below:

The Albanian Government will recognize the passports granted by the authorities of the United States of America, in conformity with American laws concerning nationalities, to persons of Albanian origin naturalized in America.
In the event of the conclusion of a commercial treaty between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Albania the latter promises to insert, on the basis of reciprocity, in the above mentioned treaty, the most favored nation clause. Meanwhile, following the official recognition of the Government of Albania by that of the United States of America and pending the conclusion of the treaty above mentioned the American interests in Albania shall receive the most favored nation treatment as well as the Albanian interests in America.
This law takes effect on the day of its publication.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior are charged with the execution of this law.

Sul Starova

Min. of Finance and Min. a. i. of Justice.
M. Juka
Min. of Pub. Works and Min. a. i. of the Interior.
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[Enclosure 2—Translation]

Report Rendered by the Albanian Minister for Foreign Affairs

The approval is proposed of the two conditions of the United States of America for the following reasons:

1. The Albanian State is engaged to the United States of America according to decision No. 569 of the Ministerial Council dated June 22, 1922, as described below:

“The Albanian Government will recognize the passports granted by American authorities to Albanians naturalized in America in accordance with American laws on nationalities.”

The international significance of the United States of America must be taken under consideration as well as our moral obligation to honor promises made by our State.

2. “The most favored nation” clause is a principle accepted by all countries and has become customary in the making of all treaties relating to commerce, always based on reciprocity.

3. The naturalization question is not of any great importance because the Albanians who become naturalized and return to our country would lose their American citizenship if they remained here for two consecutive years.

4. In order to give recognition to countries created after the world war the Government of the United States has imposed on them, as a sine qua non condition, the acceptance of the two above mentioned points.

H. Vrioni