The Secretary of State to the Secretary of the Navy (Wilbur)

Sir: The final provisions of the Plan for the Evacuation of the Dominican Republic by the American Forces of Occupation are now being carried out. It is probable that all the remaining steps will have been taken before the end of the present month and that the Constitutional President of the Republic will be inaugurated upon some day between July 1st and July 10th. Since the Plan of Evacuation provides that as soon as the Constitutional President has taken office and has signed the Convention and the legislation stipulated in the Plan of Evacuation, the Military Forces of the United States will at once evacuate the territory of the Dominican Republic, I have the honor to request that the necessary instructions be sent to the Military Governor to take all the steps necessary to make possible the immediate evacuation of the Republic after the inauguration of the Constitutional President. I am informed by the American Commissioner in the Dominican Republic that he is advised by the Military Governor that no instructions have been received by him relative to the evacuation of the Forces of Occupation. The Military Governor has stated that some time will be required to make the necessary arrangements, and in view of the fact that the inauguration of the Constitutional President of the Dominican Republic will take place approximately a month from the present date, I have the honor to request that the Military Governor be instructed to expedite the arrangements for evacuation.

I have [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes