033.3911/2a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in the Dominican Republic (Russell)

12. Please transmit the following confidential message to General Vasquez from Mr. Welles:

“In accordance with our conversation the night prior to my departure from Santo Domingo, I trust that it will be possible for you and the members of the party which you have selected to visit Washington during the present month. I have ascertained that the most desirable time for your visit would be during the week commencing [Page 630] June 23rd. As you know, I attribute the greatest importance to the opportunity which your visit here will afford for the reaching of an agreement in principle regarding the various matters which we have discussed. I shall be grateful if you will advise me, by cable through the American Legation, as soon as you have determined the date of your departure and the steamer upon which you are sailing in order that I may make appropriate arrangements. Please accept my most cordial greetings.”