The Commissioner in the Dominican Republic (Welles), Temporarily in the United States, to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: In accordance with Article 7 of the Plan of Evacuation, the Provisional President of the Dominican Republic has appointed General Vasquez, President-elect, as one of the three plenipotentiaries of the Dominican Government to sign the Treaty of Ratification. This treaty, of course, was actually negotiated in August, 1922, and the form agreed upon is published textually in the Plan of Evacuation. All that is required, therefore, in order to carry out the provisions of Article 7, is the sending of the necessary authorization to the American Minister in Santo Domingo to sign the Treaty on behalf of the Government of the United States.

In a telegram dated June 3rd, copy of which I attach herewith,7 the American Minister states that General Vasquez does not feel that he can leave Santo Domingo in order to visit the United States until this treaty has been signed. I beg to request, therefore, that the necessary instructions be sent to the American Minister without delay in order that the treaty may be signed in the course of the coming [Page 629] week, since General Vasquez would have to leave Santo Domingo by June 15th in order to reach Washington for the week of June 23rd.

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