711.672/64: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Special Mission at Lausanne


162. Your telegram 389 today.

Department thinks it better not to specifically mention resumption of consular and diplomatic relations in the treaty. The treaty cannot be sent to the Senate for ratification until December when Congress reconvenes and it might be desirable to resume diplomatic relations when Turkey ratifies the treaty. It is not necessary to have treaty provisions for this purpose and diplomatic representatives might be exchanged at a date later agreed upon without any specific provisions at Lausanne on the subject.
It is assumed that the treaty will include in addition to the points mentioned in your telegram under reference provisions substantially identical with those in the two conventions between Turkey and the Allies, and that Ismet will also send to you communication substantially like that to the Allied representatives regarding charitable, educational, and religious institutions and that the declaration concerning the administration of justice will be given general application. Confirmation on these points is desired. As pointed out in earlier telegrams, should negotiations between the Allies and Turks break down on matters which are of common interest to the Allies and the United States respecting the future regime of foreigners it would hardly be possible for us to conclude a treaty with the Turks.
It would seem desirable to include a provision similar to that contained in the fifth article of the Turlington draft regarding the passage of the Straits.
When you have prepared a draft treaty, it would be helpful to have it telegraphed at once in full to the Department. In order to take advantage of lower rates you may wish to arrange with the Paris Embassy to have it sent via the French cable.