711.672/64: Telegram

The Special Mission at Lausanne to the Secretary of State


389. I called upon Ismet today.71 Referring to his note of May 5 proposing the negotiation with us of a treaty of amity, I informed him that as our respective experts apparently have found a satisfactory basis for such negotiations, I had now been given full powers for the negotiation, conclusion, and signing of such a treaty. I proposed that the following general principles might be included in the treaty:

The resumption of consular and diplomatic relations.
Reciprocal most-favored-nation treatment, the abrogation of capitulations being accepted.
Provisions regarding naturalization.
Settlement of questions relating to claims.

Ismet did not indicate any dissent. I suggested that the informal conferences between our experts continue until agreement is reached provisionally upon draft naturalization treaty. Ismet agreed to this. Ismet agreed to my proposal that since the matter had already received publicity we should inform the Swiss Government and the President of the Vaud canton tomorrow that we are entering into [Page 1073] negotiations. I told Ismet that I should also inform the head of each delegation at the conference concerning our plans. Ismet suggested that we make an official communiqué. He agreed with my suggestion that this be discussed by our experts at their next meeting. He also proposed that we should write notes to each other giving the names of the personnel of our respective delegations. He concurred with me that this matter also should be considered by our experts when they met. Ismet also agreed with me that it was not necessary to exchange full powers until our respective experts had made a provisional draft treaty.

The experts will meet soon. The favorable results of this interview give us much gratification as the indications are that there is no divergence of views regarding the form of the treaty.

It will be a great help to have the cooperation of Hackworth with Turlington in drafting.

I am repeating this telegram to Constantinople.

  1. This telegram was obviously drafted on May 31.