711.672/4: Telegram

The Special Mission at Lausanne to the Secretary of State


143. Belief that the Turks incline to show favor to Americans participating in concessions is strengthened by confidential interview with Riza Nour Bey, second Turkish delegate. They fear, however, that we will not move promptly enough in the matter. Riza Nour intimated that it is desirable to conclude a treaty as soon as possible; [Page 1043] he even suggested that for our own sake we ought to sign a treaty before the Allies sign theirs. When he was told that our present intention was not to sign first, he replied that the Open Door would be reserved for us in any case whenever we wished to avail ourselves of it, but he made it very clear that early applicants would take precedence over later ones. Child has been told by Ismet that it is because American enterprise is not concerned in politics that it is preferred by the Turks.

Am[erican] Mission