711.67/30: Telegram

The Special Mission at Lausanne to the Secretary of State


37. This morning in a conversation with Child, Ismet showed haste and eagerness to begin preliminary negotiations with respect to a treaty between Turkey and the United States. The Turkish delegation evidently desires some degree of assurance that we will be willing to start negotiations if peace is signed or if the present conference negotiations fail. Child informed Ismet that any prospect of negotiations with us must not be used to affect the negotiations now taking place, that we would not hesitate to state our various positions but for the present would make no commitments, and that we would be pleased to receive any groundwork for a treaty which the Turks might care to offer for our consideration. We realized the delicacy of our position in this matter and stated to Ismet that we would not hesitate to make our present attitude known to the Allies. This we have done. You may deny a report of any deviation from this plan of action should such a report become current.

From the conversation with Ismet it is evident that the Turks are less optimistic of obtaining peace. This is due to the recent turn of events, including perhaps the situation in Greece, by which the British are released from some responsibilities and which indicates a new stiffness in the British attitude.

Am[erican] Mission