611.5231/294: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Spain (Moore)

70. The Department has received your 105, October 23, 7 P.M. which apparently crossed the Department’s No. 69, October 23, 4 P.M.

The Department can deal with but one proposition at a time. In your No. 100 of October 17, 12 P.M. you stated Spanish Government [Page 871] was willing to prorogue the present arrangement for a period of six months but that such prorogation would not cover any advantages which might be accorded by Spain to other countries in treaties which may be brought into force during this period. By the Department’s No. 68, October 20, 3 P.M. you were authorized to accept the proposal with but one condition, namely, a reservation of freedom of action by this Government with respect to imports from Spain in the event that American goods in Spain should be placed at a disadvantage as compared with goods from other countries.

In view of the Spanish Government’s objection to this reservation, reported in your 103 of October 22, you were authorized by the Department’s telegram of October 23 to eliminate that reservation from your note of acceptance. With the reservation thus eliminated this Government’s acceptance will be unqualified. The Department desires that you send a note to the Minister of State accepting the proposal set forth in your No. 100 of October 17, 12 P.M. You can use for that purpose the text of the reply contained in the Department’s 68 of October 20, with the second paragraph eliminated and it is hoped that you will be able to bring about prompt settlement on this basis.