The International Barnsdall Corporation to the Secretary of State

Dear Sir: We have your letter of February 12th, in relation to operations in the Russian oil fields.

Your construction of the letter we wrote you on February 1st, 1923, is correct with this slight modification. If circumstances should arise under the operations, in which we are unwittingly infringing on the vested rights of others, we presume that the only way that the matter can be satisfactorily adjusted is with the persons whose vested rights are in question. If, however, there is any other way that the matter can be adjusted satisfactory to the Department of State of the United States, and such way,—which at present we cannot visualize—,would be an easier way of adjusting the matter, of course we would feel that, under such circumstances, the matter being completely satisfactory to your Department, we could proceed.

“Citizens of other countries in Russia” includes citizens of the United States.

We remain [etc.]

International Barnsdall Corporation
Robt. Law, Jr.
, Chairman of the Board of Directors