The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Barnsdall Corporation ( Robert Law, Jr. ) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Hughes: We acknowledge the receipt of your letter of January 30th, 1923, referring to the visit of Mr. Mason Day and Mr. Loucks to Washington, in October, 1922.

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We confirm the statements that were made to you at that time by our Mr. Day, and Mr. Loucks, and reiterate that in the business which this corporation is now undertaking, in the Russian oil fields, it is the intention of this corporation to operate solely lands at all times Government owned, and that this corporation has no intention whatsoever of encroaching upon the property rights of citizens of other countries in Russia.

We likewise confirm the statement made by Mr. Loucks at that time, and do hereby agree that, if complaint is made in any particular instance and it is found that this corporation is unwittingly encroaching upon the vested rights of the citizens of other countries in Russia, that the operations complained of will be stopped, until the matter can be satisfactorily adjusted.

We feel that such a situation can never arise, as our engineers, who are now on their way to Russia, have had specific instructions to operate only Government lands.

Hoping that this assurance covers your requirements, and that you will at all times realize that this corporation will take no steps that will, in any way, interfere with your established policies, we remain, Very truly yours,

Robt. Law, Jr.